My name is Brian. It's a decent name, I like it. I also really like Star Wars, Stargate, LEGO, Supernatural, Halo, biking and making mediocre artwork. Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel bad, but I'm always in the mood to answer questions or just chat (provided I'm not asleep). I'm an Eagle Scout and a sophomore at George Mason University.

  1. First batch of Bartolonomicron cards
  2. Limited run blue Bartolonomicron card
  3. Early red Winged Trilobite card
  4. Limited run blue Winged Trilobite card

One Month.

One month is not a huge amount of time, by any means. But one month isn’t short, either. It’s a decent amount of time to judge someone’s character; to get to know someone; to start something special. For me, this last month has been a crazy roller-coaster of positive emotions.
One month ago, my now girlfriend agreed to go on a bike ride with me.
Now I wish I’d done that at least a month sooner.
We’ve been taking it pretty slow, since we’ve both been hurt before, but now we know we can make this work.