My name is Brian. It's a decent name, I like it. I also really like Star Wars, Stargate, LEGO, Supernatural, Halo, biking and making mediocre artwork. Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel bad, but I'm always in the mood to answer questions or just chat (provided I'm not asleep). I'm an Eagle Scout and a sophomore at George Mason University.

Asking people out is like applying to college: you must be creative and intelligent. Except colleges don’t get pissed when they learn you applied to like five other schools, and then bail on them for a better offer after they say yes.

One Month.

One month is not a huge amount of time, by any means. But one month isn’t short, either. It’s a decent amount of time to judge someone’s character; to get to know someone; to start something special. For me, this last month has been a crazy roller-coaster of positive emotions.
One month ago, my now girlfriend agreed to go on a bike ride with me.
Now I wish I’d done that at least a month sooner.
We’ve been taking it pretty slow, since we’ve both been hurt before, but now we know we can make this work.